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Where was God before Abraham

Monotheistic religions appear and spread with a claim of a person (a prophet) talking to an invisible God.

Before these religions, humans created other ones such as Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, Norse Gods, Paganism, Shamanizm etc. But after Abraham claimed that he talked to an invisible "only" God, other people also started to claim talkin that same God. Moses, Jesus abd Muhammad are some examples.

As evidence suggest, humans existed at least 200,000 years. However, God spoke to men only about 5 thousand years ago. After Abraham created this trend, hundreds of men from Middle East claimed the same thing. But before Abraham, no one claimed the existence of such a God.

Now, the question still remains. Where was this true only God before Abraham made up one?

Another question is that why is God speaking like an illiterate desert man? When I read the old testament I can clearly say that it is not written or inspired by the creator of universe, but an ordinary Middle Easter man or men.

Is this God a story created by mentally challenged Abraham?